Create Wealth on BBC Radio Wales

Peter Davies of Create Wealth on BBC Good Morning WalesCreate Wealth’s director and senior Independent Financial Adviser, Peter Davies, appeared on BBC Radio Wales Good Morning Wales’ programme on the 16th December 2010.

The BBC asked Peter for his views on an article that appeared on the front page of the Daily Telegraph entitled “Forget Savings Accounts, Think of Shares“.

The Telegraph reported that Britain’s 38 million savers have been urged to invest their money in the stock market after being warned that for many of them it is now a “waste of time” putting cash into a savings account.

Peter explained to BBC’s Oliver Hides that some relatively attractive interest rates were still available in the lower rate interest environment if savers were prepared to tie up their monies for a few years.

However, as an alternative to savings accounts for individuals who are prepared to invest for at least 5 years and accept a reasonable degree of risk to their capital then investments in to professionally managed investment funds that invest in various markets, including the UK may well be a good option.

NB It is important to note return of capital cannot be guaranteed on many investments and your money can go down as well as up. Past performance is not a guide to future returns and may not be repeated. Predictions made by advisers and fund managers predictions are their own individual thoughts and can not be relied upon or guaranteed”

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