Create Wealth contact the BBC Radio Five Live regarding inaccurate information

Create Wealth director Peter Davies has contacted BBC Five Live today to express his concern about their Breakfast program presenter’s inaccurate statements about ISAs during an interview with Jane Platt National Savings & Investments Chief Executive on their show yesterday.

The presenter stated that you could only contribute £7,500 into ISAs which is incorrect (its £10,680 per tax year) and that they only paid 0.5% interest. Peter was also concerned about the poor explanation given by National Savings’ Chief Executive of how the actual returns on Index Linked National Savings Certificates are calculated and believes that this may leave listeners with an unbalanced and inaccurate opinion, potentially throwing all of their money into National Savings Index Linked Savings Certificates. Peter has stated that “ If the BBC Breakfast presenter is going to compare financial products then surely he should give a balanced, fair and accurate comparison and have a reasonable understanding of what he is talking about and be clear on his facts. Create Wealth are now awaiting a response from the BBC.

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