Create Wealth agrees improved fund data deal with FE Analytics

Following a lengthy trial period Stephen Ng & Peter Davies have agreed a fantastic improvement to their client orientated systems that will offer the most up to date and accurate investment fund and index data to its clients.


“It’s a great addition to our systems, at great cost I might add, but the fantastic accuracy and graphic options FE Analytics will provide will enable us to offer our clients so much more information. The options we now have when illustrating this information makes it so much easier for clients to digest and better see how their investments relate to their specific objectives. I cannot think of money better spent when it comes to data.”, said Stephen Ng, Director & Financial Planner.

Analytics will ensure that our clients can track the performance of each of their investment funds on a bespoke basis. They can match and compare against peer groups, any index and any benchmark they wish. The graphic illustrations make it so easy for us to understand and compare how each fund of a clients portfolio is doing. We know that clients value clear and unambiguous data and FE Analytics will further help us proivide this.

Peter Davies, also a Director & Financial Planner at the firm, commented, “Providing financial advice and financial planning is a complex business for advisers and clients alike, FE Analytics helps us both monitor investments to ensure we can see when a fund or portfolio is lagging, possibly leading to some early changes.”

If you want to know how these improvements could help you better understand and follow your investment and pension funds, please get in touch. We offer a free initial consultation to establish whether we can help you or not with no obligation.

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