Ethical & socially responsible investments

Unwittingly, many people aid environmental destruction, human rights abuse or the financing of the arms trade, through their Bank accounts, Life Assurance, Pension, Stocks & Shares ISAs and Investment Plans. Who can clearly state they do not share their money with an arms company, one that uses child labour to manufacture its goods or a company contributing unnecessarily to climate change? Every day, hundreds of thousands of people who do not apply ethical or social screening to their money allow their funds to be used to finance companies and projects they do not support.

The concept of ‘ethical’ is going to vary between individuals. It is possible to apply more personalised views upon the manner in which one’s money is invested. This includes not just avoiding certain activities but actively investing in a positive way; to support companies contributing to a sustainable future.

create wealth® has helped many clients who value investing ethically. The growth of the ethical market means that there are plenty of ethical funds to choose from compared with just a handful a decade ago. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more. Whatever your concern, People, Planet, Animals, Faith, there is now an ethical fund that will match your views.

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