Inheritance Tax Planning


Benjamin Franklin was right when he said,

the only two certainties in life are death and taxes

and when it comes to inheritance tax, the two collide.

Helping you protect your wealth is an important part of what we do and one thing is certain, you need to plan to protect your wealth from what is known affectionately as inheritance tax (IHT).

Working in tandem with you and your family and create wealth’s legal and accounting specialists we provide innovative, high quality and proven tailored solutions that will reduce, minimise or even eliminate your inheritance tax liability.

Importantly, our solutions take into account your need to access your capital, income, growth or a combination; essentially meeting your general day to day needs now so that you can still enjoy your life to the full whilst mitigating inheritance tax in the future.

If you think that IHT may affect your wealth and the amount that your children or family will inherit please get in touch. It’s better to do something sooner rather than later to ensure your heirs don’t have to face an unnecessarily large IHT bill when you die.

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