About us

Create Wealth Management Ltd, is a Chartered  firm of Independent Financial Planners & Advisers (IFA) providing specialist advice on investment, retirement planning and wealth preservation to a diverse range of clients that includes professionals, company directors, business owners, retired clients, those planning to retire and professional sports persons.

The firm was formed in 2004 with the belief that high-quality, professional financial advice and investment planning can only be achieved through a transparent, fee-paying relationship, free from the potential for bias associated with outdated commission based firms and services.

Confirmation of our drive to provide the highest level of Financial Planning to our clients was conferred upon us in 2012 by The Privy Council in awarding the firm Chartered status. There are currently fewer than 500 Chartered firms in the UK.

On the 16th October 2014, we became only the 14th firm in the UK to be awarded rare and demanding ‘kitemarks’ from the British Standards Institute, certified by the UK based accredited firm, Standards International, renewed annually by vigorous reassessment.

for the firm, BS 8577: Framework for the provision of financial advice and planning services

for both directors, BS ISO 22222:2005 the only international standard for individuals providing financial advice.

We create highly personalised solutions to solve the complex financial issues facing our clients and bring innovation and creative thinking to any planning or investment management situation. With great importance placed on experience, knowledge and continuing professional development, the firm’s advisers have each been individually qualified and regulated for over 30 years in UK financial services.

On October 28th 2019, we became one of the very first adviser firms in the UK to be awarded fully Regulated Claims Management permissions by our regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority. This will further enhance the broad expertise we can offer our clients when acting for them in cases where we believe they have been poorly advised or mis-sold.

We have offices in Windsor, Marlow, Newport and Cardiff; and already advise clients throughout the UK. We are keen to develop further client relationships.

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